john mallonee

pastor. author. speaker.

         With a passion for speaking truth, John has committed his entire life to ministry. While John pastors Blessed Hope Bible Church in Central Pennsylvania and is in the pulpit 50 weeks out of the year, he still leaves his schedule open for speaking opportunities and other ministry events. 

           John began pastoring full-time in 2012 and has seen the Lord open many doors to communicate the Word of God to a variety of audiences. Finishing up his doctorate in 2013 allowed him the time to be very involved with his family, serve as a local school board director, partner with the American Pastors Network, and run various social media accounts. 

              Writing is important to John and nearly a decade ago, he began writing devotionals. Since its inception in 2010, his devotional ministry has reached around the world via email and social media and his desire is to apply the truth of Scripture in easy-to-understand ways. He is also a published author who dabbles in satire as well as writing theological-based articles for Theology Mix. He has one book available on 

             John became comfortable ministering to audiences when he and his wife began their singing ministry in 2003. Ever since, they have maintained their love for singing, but John's focus has been pastoring, preaching, teaching, and speaking from God's Word. 

           He and his wife Rebekah were married in 2002 and have four children whose ages range from 13 years old to 3 years old. John also has a passion for training up the next generation to carry the truth into the world. 

            If you are interested in having John come and share at your event or service, please use the contact page and he will be glad to get back with you.